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Monthly Statistical Bulletin Aug 1999

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Year 2000 Preparations in the Banking Sector of Mauritius
1. Selected Economic Indicators
2.    Monetary Survey
3.    Bank of Mauritius - Assets
4.    Bank of Mauritius - Liabilities
5.    Bank of Mauritius Assets and Liabilities as at 31 August 1999
6.    Commercial Banks - Assets
7.    Commercial Banks - Liabilities
8.    Consolidated Statement of Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks as at end July 1999
9.    Sector-wise Distribution of Commercial Banks' Credit to the Private Sector
10.    Sector-wise Distribution of Commercial Banks' Credit to the Private Sector as at end July 1999
11.    Components and Sources of Reserve Money
12.    Components and Sources of Broad Money (M2)
13.    Currency in Circulation
14.    Auctions of Treasury Bills
15.    Bank Rate and Weighted Average Yields on Treasury Bills
16.    Auctions of Treasury Bills: Maturity-wise
17.    Secondary Market Activity
18.    Transactions on the Interbank Money Market
19.    Maintenance of Cash Ratio by Commercial Banks
20.    Cheque Clearances
21.    Principal Interest Rates
22.    Other Interest Rates
23.    Transactions on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius
24.    Consumer Price Index and Inflation Rate
25.    Net International Reserves
26.    Transactions on the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market
27.    Bank of Mauritius - Intervention and Related Transactions on the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market
28.    Exchange Rate of the Rupee (End of Period)
29.    Exchange Rate of the Rupee (Period Average)
30.    Exchange Rate Movements of the Rupee vis-à-vis Major Trading Partner Currencies
31.    Inward and Outward Remittances of Foreign Currencies
32.    Exchange Rates of Selected Currencies vis-à-vis the US Dollar
33.    Consolidated Assets and Liabilities of Offshore Banks
1.    Banks and Non-Bank Deposit-Taking Institutions
2.    Money-Changers and Foreign Exchange Dealers
3.    Issue of Banknotes of Rs1000