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About the Museum

Located in the country’s central bank original premises on Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis, the Bank of Mauritius Museum officially welcomed its first visitors on the 3rd of March 2018. The opening of the Museum was a fitting landmark event to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Bank of Mauritius and that of the country’s independence. 
The Museum boasts an impressive array of some 500 artefacts. This collection stems from the joining of hands of the Bank of Mauritius with the MCB Group Ltd and the HSBC (Mauritius) Ltd. The Royal Mint and the banknote producing firm Thomas De La Rue have also contributed to the start of the Museum.
The museum tour starts with the Arab period (12th century) and takes visitors across the meanders of the centuries to present-day Mauritius. The museum boasts an impressive collection of coins minted abroad by the then-colonial governments for use in Mauritius, as well as extremely rare gold or silver coins, like Arab dinars or British Indian Mohur, which were not in use in Mauritius but nonetheless found their way to our shores through the flourishing trade that existed in the region during colonial times. 
The Bank of Mauritius Museum proudly stands today as one of the most advanced financial museums in the region. In effect, with a view to providing visitors with an immersive user experience, LED touch-enabled screens fitted above all display cabinets feature enlarged pictures of all coins and notes as well as exhaustive information on artefacts. Testimony to the Bank of Mauritius’ focus on efficiency and cost containment, it is to be noted that all the content and technology behind the museum was developed in-house.