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Section 32(3) of the Bank of Mauritius Act 2004 stipulates that the Bank shall, not later than 4 months after the close of its financial year, prepare and submit to the Minister a copy of the annual accounts certified by the auditors together with a report on its operations during that year. The Bank of Mauritius publishes its Annual Report for the year ended June. As from June 2011, the Annual Report of the Bank also covers developments in the area of Banking Supervision and Regulation. These were previously reported in a separate publication, namely, the Annual Report on Banking Supervision.  
The Bank is required to publish at least twice a year, a statement on price stability and a statement on the stability and soundness of the financial system, under Section 33(2)(b) of the Bank of Mauritius Act 2004. Accordingly, the Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Report, which duly includes statements on price stability and financial stability, provides a review of the Bank’s monetary policy and domestic macro-financial developments, with a focus on risks to the stability of the domestic financial system, amongst others.  This Report replaces the bi-annual Inflation Report and Financial Stability Report and will be published annually.