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List of Participants


  1. Bank of Mauritius
  2. ABC Banking Corporation Ltd
  3. Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited
  4. AfrAsia Bank Limited
  5. Bank of Baroda
  6. Bank One Limited
  7. BCP Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
  8. Habib Bank Limited
  9. HSBC Bank (Mauritius) Limited
  10. Investec Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
  11. MauBank Ltd
  12. SBI (Mauritius) Limited
  13. Silver Bank Limited
  14. Standard Bank (Mauritius) Limited
  15. Standard Chartered Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
  16. SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
  17. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  18. The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd


  1. Cim Finance Ltd
  2. Dölberg Asset Finance Limited (Under Receivership)
  3. Expert Leasing Ltd
  4. La Prudence Leasing Finance Co. Ltd
  5. MCB Leasing Limited
  6. SICOM Financial Services Ltd
  7. SPICE Finance Ltd


  1. Afri Life Insurance Ltd
  2. Indian Ocean General Assurance Co Ltd
  3. Island Life Assurance Co Ltd
  4. LAMCO International Insurance Ltd
  5. Mauritius Union Assurance Co Ltd
  6. MUA Life Ltd
  7. National Insurance Co Ltd
  8. State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM)
  9. Swan Life Ltd


  1. MCB Microfinance Ltd


  1. Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd
  2. Easy Project Ltd
  3. Employees Welfare Fund
  4. Industrial Finance Corporation of Mauritius Ltd
  5. J Kalachand & Co Ltd
  6. Mauritius Housing Company Ltd
  7. NanoSAIO Ltd
  8. National Housing Development Co Ltd
  9. Rogers Capital Finance Ltd
  10. Rogers Capital Credit Ltd
  11. The Mauritius Civil Service Mutual Aid Association Ltd


  1. Finance Club Ltd
  2. Fundkiss Technologies Limited


  1. Central Electricity Board
  2. Central Water Authority
  3. Emtel Ltd
  4. Mauritius Telecom Ltd
  5. Wastewater Management Authority