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Bank of Mauritius issues first Polymer Banknotes of Rs25, Rs50 and Rs500

In accordance with section 35 of the Bank of Mauritius Act 2004, the Bank of Mauritius (Bank) is introducing polymer banknotes in denominations of Rs25, Rs50 and Rs500.

The new polymer bank notes have almost the same design as the paper banknotes. They contain numerous security features, inter alia, a transparent window showing the image of the dodo, numbers printed with magnetic ink which become fluorescent under ultra violet light and swing features printed in iridescent ink, which change to a different colour when observed in transparency or when tilted.

The polymer banknotes will be in circulation alongside the existing paper banknotes and both shall be accepted as legal tender. The Bank is working closely with banks and cash handlers to support a smooth transition to the new banknotes.


Bank of Mauritius

22 August 2013