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List of goods and services

1.  Capital Items 
Office Furniture, Fittings and Equipment; 
Computer Hardware and Software; 
Security (including Electronic) Equipment; 
Electrical and Mechanical Equipment; 
Air Conditioning; 
Telecommunications Equipment; 
Audio Visual Equipment;  
Fire Alarm and Fire-Fighting Equipment;
Forklifts, Trolleys, etc. 
2. Maintenance and Repairs 
Building, including Fittings and Fabrics, Paintworks, etc.; 
Air Conditioning Equipment; 
Lifts & Elevators; 
Office Machinery and Equipment; 
Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Systems; 
Plumbing Systems; 
Electrical Systems 
Kitchen Equipment; 
Security Systems; 
Sanitary Services and Pest Control; 
3.  Office Requisites and Ancillary Services 
Office Stationery;  
Computer Consumables;  
Printing and Publication Services  
Eco-friendly Goods 
Graphic Design  
Supply of Banners, Flags and Buntings; 
Courier and Freight Services, including Clearing and Forwarding Activities; 
Transport Services, Including, Taxi Service, Car Hire and Truck Services; 
Air Tickets; 
Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy Services; 
Insurance Services including Medical Aid Schemes and Travel Insurance. 
Corporate Uniforms (Shirts, Trousers, Ties, Vests, Shoes, Etc); 
4.  Other Goods and Services 
Catering Services; 
Audio Visual and Photo Services; 
Sports Items (Tracksuits, Jerseys, Shorts, Singlets, Etc.) 
Trophies, Shields, Medals, Etc; 
Gardening & Flowers; 
Cleaning Services And Pest Control; 
Protective Equipment; 
Corporate Gift Items; 
Auction Sales;
Recycling Services (recycling of commercial wastes including electronic wastes)
Any other relevant services