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Public Notice: Scam Alert

11 September 2020
It has come to the attention of the Bank of Mauritius that members of the public are being approached by scammers informing them that they are eligible for loans.
The modus operandi of the scammers is as follows:
  1. Members of the public are approached through various channels, such as social media, telephone or e-mail, and are informed that they are eligible for a loan;
  2. They are then requested to make an upfront payment representing processing fees or insurance fees for the facilitation of the loan processing;
  3. The scammers may provide some comfort by advising that the upfront payment may be refundable.
Members of the public are therefore cautioned against such messages, phone calls or e-mails.
In case of doubt, members of the public should contact the institutions purporting to provide these loan facilities through the contact details publicly available on their respective official website.