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Media Release: Fake Bank Office Cheques

1. It has been brought to the notice of the Bank of Mauritius (‘Bank’) that fake bank office cheques are currently in circulation in the country. Some companies have been victims to such fraudulent practices and Police investigation is underway.


2. The Bank therefore urges members of the public to exercise caution and prudence before accepting cheques and to verify their authenticity by ensuring that the cheques meet the following security features:

a. The issuing bank’s logo is present on the cheque.

b. The cheque glows under ultraviolet light to show distinct features.

c. The cheque contains a watermark.

d. By conducting a smudge test on the cheque, i.e. a drop of water when rubbed with the finger over the printable area causes the ink to smudge/spread.

e. Guilloche patterns (fineline prints) are present on the cheque.

f. The cheque number is printed only once at the bottom of the cheque.


3. Members of the public are invited to contact the Bank on 202 3872 or 202 3935 for any clarification in this respect.