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Media Release: Bank of Mauritius becomes a member of the Global Financial Innovation Network

17 February 2021


The Bank of Mauritius has become a member of the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN). Effective February 2021, the admission was approved by the GFIN Coordination Group which consists of central banks and financial sector regulators.


The GFIN is an international network of central banks, financial regulators and related organisations. The international network regroups more than 60 organisations committed to supporting financial innovation and safeguarding the interests of consumers. The GFIN also works on creating a conducive environment for enhanced cooperation and the sharing of experience between financial regulatory authorities.

Joining the GFIN represents a step forward on the Bank’s innovation journey. The interaction with members of the GFIN will help the Mauritian central bank keep abreast of developments pertaining to products, services and business models in other jurisdictions.