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Bank of Mauritius wins Best Central Bank for Corporate Governance – Indian Ocean 2019 Award from International Business Magazine

03 May 2019
The International Business Magazine has conferred upon the Bank of Mauritius its Award for ‘Best Central Bank for Corporate Governance Indian Ocean 2019’.
The International Business Magazine is a pioneer flagship journal brand that seeks 'to motivate, highlight best talents, develop key policies, and bring out innovative deals amongst diverse spectrum of Industries complying with Business, Financial and other lead markets’.
In line with the philosophy of the International Business Magazine “to always deliver and bring out ‘unique, best in class and never ever heard tales to promote excellence from all fields”, the “entire award process is strictly supervised by expert panellists comprising of key subject matter experts taking extensive care in providing true in-depth analysis and review based on the performances.” The Award process “is completely free of charges” right from “Processing Nomination list”, “Selecting best Nominees”, and “Announcing Winners”.
Following a rigorous assessment, the selection team and judging panel comprising of the Head of Research and Editor as well as respected ‘dynamic, young, unbiased, comprehensive trained knowledge field experts, voracious readers and information collection team’ have commended the Bank of Mauritius for its unflinching focus on adhering to the highest corporate standards, ethics, and for its world-class policies and procedures.
Reacting to the announcement, Bank of Mauritius Governor, Yandraduth Googoolye stated that ”winning this prestigious accolade shows that the Bank is right on track. This year again, the Bank has been rewarded for adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance. It comforts us that our sustained hard work to be a forward-looking and innovative central bank is not going unnoticed”.
For Governor Googoolye, “This Award pays tribute to the commendable work being done at all levels in the Bank of Mauritius. I thank the Directors of the Board, my Deputy Governors and the staff for their unflinching support and contribution.