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Financial Literacy

Financial Fraud

As part of its mandate to ensure the stability and soundness of the financial system, the Bank regulates and supervises financial institutions and requires them to have the appropriate policies and procedures in place to control and manage their risks effectively; thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of the system.

Through the launch of its 2022 Financial Literacy Strategy, and the issue of information, the Bank is further promoting financial literacy and education. It is also focusing on creating awareness of financial issues and conditions that may affect the material well-being of consumers, especially in this digital era.

The normal role and responsibility of banks is well-defined. However, in the face of an increasingly complex financial world, consumers' education has gained importance as consumers often lack financial knowledge and skills to make wise financial decisions that would prevent them from becoming victims of financial frauds.

The Bank is also opening a channel of communication through is email, and through which the public can report any case of financial fraud of which they may have been victims or on which they may have information.

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