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Rodrigues Office

Summary of activities

The Bank of Mauritius opened its Regional Office in Rodrigues on 23 February 1999 at Douglas Street ( now Max Lucchesi Street), Cliderlex Building, Port Mathurin, Rodrigues.

The Office operates with nine staff members and the following activities and services are provided:


Banking and Currency activities

  • Maintenance of current accounts with commercial banks and Government Institutions
  • Supply of good quality banknotes and coins to commercial banks.
  • Accepting deposits of banknotes and coins from commercial banks and Government Institutions ( Rodrigues Regional Assembly & MRA )
  • Ensuring adequate supply of banknotes and coins to meet public demand
  • Exchange of soiled and mutilated banknotes
  • Daily clearance of cheques through Cheque Truncation System (CTS) since July 2014.


Other services and activities

  • Provide on-line Credit Profile Report to public on application, through MCIB since July 2014.
  • Provide customer care services in giving advice and receiving complaints.
  • Promote public awareness of regulations of the Central Bank in the financial system.
  • Participate in the CSR activities of the Central Bank in organising the annual BOM Inter Club Youth Championship since 2009.



Bank of Mauritius

Rodrigues Office

Max Lucchesi Street

Cliderlex Building

Port Mathurin


Location Plan


Telephone: +230 831 27 76 / +230 831 27 77

Fax +230 8312775