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Ms Melissa Prishni Ramsahye

Mrs Melissa Prishni Ramsahye was appointed on the Board of Directors of the Bank of Mauritius in March 2020.

As a specialist in Service Marketing, Mrs Ramsahye brings over a decade of extensive experience in Business Development, Business Optimization, and Incubation Strategies. Currently, she holds the role of Regional Partner Development Manager for Telecom Operators in Africa at Microsoft. Leveraging her expertise in crafting strategic plans, accelerating revenue growth, and nurturing vital stakeholder connections within both Microsoft and the telecommunications industry, Mrs Ramsahye has fostered robust business relationships and driven sales acceleration globally. Her primary focus lies in supporting Telecom Operators as they undergo transformation from Telcos to Techcos, by harnessing technology and AI to transform and elevate their service offerings.

Mrs Ramsahye has received several awards at Microsoft, including the distinguished Microsoft Gold Club Award in 2019, which recognizes individuals who make outstanding contributions to the overall success and growth of Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft, she worked for the IBL Group in Mauritius and Groupe Renault in France.

Mrs Ramsahye holds a Master’s in economics and business management from the Toulouse School of Management, France, a MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, a Business Administration Degree from L’École Supérieure des Affaires, France, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Governance from The Mauritius Institute of Directors.

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