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Financial Stability Report

As required by section 33(2) (b) of the Bank of Mauritius Act 2004, the Bank has to publish twice a year a “Statement on Price Stability” and a “Statement on the Stability and Soundness of the Financial System”. To fulfil this statutory requirement, a Financial Stability Report has been published by the Bank twice a year since 2008. The first issue was released in June 2008 and the last one in August 2015.

The objective of the Financial Stability Report was to review international and domestic macro-financial developments and examine potential risks to the stability of the domestic financial system. It also highlighted measures taken by the Bank of Mauritius and other regulatory authorities to mitigate financial risks. The Financial Stability Report also aimed at enhancing awareness of the soundness of the Mauritian financial system.

As from July 2016, the Bank has started publishing the Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Report once a year in April/May. The Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Report replaces the Financial Stability Report and contains the Bank’s statement on the stability and soundness of the financial system. Another such statement will be released in October in the Annual Report of the Bank of Mauritius.