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Unauthorised banking activities - Commercial Exchange Bank

3 June 2016, Bank of Mauritius
It has been brought to the attention of the Bank of Mauritius (‘Bank’) that a company named Commercial Exchange Bank (CEXB) which is claiming to be a Mauritius-based bank, is soliciting deposits and offering banking services through the website,
CEXB claims that it is the only private offshore bank operating in Mauritius and has its registered office at 2nd Floor Balgobin Court, Corderie Street, Port-Louis, Republic of Mauritius. CEXB further claims that it is regulated by Mauritius Supervisory Authorities. The SWIFT Code of the CEXB is stated as MCBLMUMU.
Members of the public are informed that CEXB is not licensed by the Bank of Mauritius and to exercise caution in this respect.
A list of financial institutions duly licensed by the Bank is available on its website