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Statement from the Bank of Mauritius following publication of a misleading article by Africa Intelligence

The Bank of Mauritius (Bank) has taken cognizance of an article published on Friday 16 September 2016 by Africa Intelligence, an online news platform.
The article, entitled ‘Central Bank has its eye on Banque Privée de Fleury’, contains misleading information on the regulatory stand of the Bank with regard to Banque Privée de Fleury. In addition, the article states that the Governor of the Bank of Mauritius has initiated an enquiry on Banque Privée de Fleury.
The Bank hereby formally denies that such an enquiry has been initiated and that Banque Privée de Fleury is ‘in the crosshairs of the Bank of Mauritius’.
The Bank wishes to underline that its regulatory and supervisory duties are discharged only within the parameters of the Bank of Mauritius Act and the Banking Act. Concerns, if any, are raised responsibly with regulatees.
The Bank of Mauritius considers the article malicious and highly prejudicial. The Bank reserves the right to take any action it may deem appropriate.