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SCAM ALERT: Fraudulent emails and messages purporting to emanate from the Bank of Mauritius

18 December 2019

It has come to the notice of the Bank of Mauritius that individuals have received emails and messages allegedly sent by or on behalf of the Bank of Mauritius.  These fraudulent emails and messages aim at defrauding potential victims. The fraudsters are enticing people to transfer funds and effect other forms of payment in return for a valuable gift, huge sum of money or certificate.

The Bank of Mauritius has reported the matter to the Police and an investigation is under way.

The Bank of Mauritius cautions the public at large against such scams and warns individuals not to respond to any unsolicited email, message or phone call without obtaining prior confirmation from the relevant authorities.

As a regulatory body and as the country’s central bank, the Bank of Mauritius will never request any form of payment from individuals in exchange of any gift or reward. Such scams should be immediately reported to the Police and to the Bank of Mauritius.

A list of the different types of financial frauds is available on the Bank’s website, under the menu “Financial education”.  Members of the public may call on 202-3800 or send an email on to report any potential scam or financial fraud.