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Request for Proposal: Supply of Desktop PCs and Laptops

1. The Bank of Mauritius (Bank) invites proposals from eligible and qualified bidders for the supply of Desktop PCs and Laptops, as more fully described in the bidding documents.

2. A complete set of the bidding documents in English can be downloaded from the Bank’s website at

3. Bids should be in accordance with the requirements mentioned in the document and should conform to the following conditions:

(i) Bids not conforming to the specifications and failing to provide the required details will be rejected.

(ii) Late submission of bids will not be accepted.

(iii) Electronic submission of bids will be rejected.

(iv) Bids should be valid for a period of 150 days from the closing date.

4. Bids should be submitted in sealed envelopes with the words “Supply of PCs and Laptops” clearly marked on the top left-hand corner. The Eligibility, Technical and Financial Proposals should be provided in separate sealed envelopes within the main envelope and should be appropriately marked and addressed to:

The Chairperson, Tender Committee

Bank of Mauritius Sir William

Newton Street

Port Louis

Bids should be deposited in Tender Box B of the Bank, located in the Banking Hall on Level 3 by 15.00hrs (local time) on 18 March 2020, at latest.

5. Queries, if any, should be addressed to the Chairperson, Tender Committee at the following email address: by 02 March 2020.

6. The Bank reserves the right to split the tender between bidders and allocate the tender of PCs and Laptops to different bidders.

7. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to annul the bidding exercise and reject all bids without thereby incurring any liability to any bidder or any obligation to inform bidders of the grounds of its action.