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Request For Proposal: For Appointment of Security Systems Consultant

31 July 2013, Bank of Mauritius

1. The Bank is soliciting written proposals from qualified and professional consultants / consulting firms with relevant experience and project management skills to: 

       (a) assess the existing electronic security systems in operation at the Bank,

       (b) make recommendations for the upgrade of the system and

       (c) drive the project for implementation from design to final completion.

2. The scope of work and general conditions of the consultancy project can be downloaded from the Bank’s website 

3. Proposals, in sealed envelopes, clearly marked   “RFP: Appointment  of  Security Systems Consultant ” on the left hand corner and addressed to 

        The Chairperson

        Tender Committee

        Bank of Mauritius

        PORT LOUIS 

should be deposited in the  Tender  Box of the Bank, located  in the office of the  Secretary of the Bank, by 14.00hrs on 23 August 2013, at latest. 

4. Proposals received after the closing date and time will not be considered. 

5. The Bank reserves the right to:

(i) accept or reject any proposal

(ii) annul the process and reject all proposals at any time prior to the award of the contract without incurring  any  liability to any tenderer or having  any obligation to inform the tenderer of the grounds  of its decision.