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Public Notice: Protection against Unsolicited Financial Proposals

01 April 2008, Bank of Mauritius
It has come to the knowledge of the Bank of Mauritius that some Mauritians are receiving unsolicited mails tempting them to enter into financial transactions that are suspicious. 
In this connection, the persons contacted are requested by the mail senders to provide their full names, addresses, bank account details, Identity Number, Phone/Fax Numbers and even credit/debit card information. 
Apart from the possibility of being connected with money-laundering or other criminal activities, such unsolicited offers for engaging into doubtful transactions with unknown parties, may form part of well devised plans to deprive the recipients of their monies or to entangle them into swindling activities or even dangerous deals.   
 The Bank of Mauritius cautions members of the public to guard themselves against such unsolicited mails and avoid giving details of their bank accounts, credit card numbers, etc…in their own interest.