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Public Notice: Revocation of Money-Changer Licence

7 September 2011, Bank of Mauritius

On 23 July 2008, ABBEY ROYAL FINANCE LTD was, under Section 14 (5) of the Banking Act 2004 (Act), granted a Money-Changer Licence to carry on the business of money-changer in Mauritius. 

Under the powers conferred upon it by Sections 11 and 16 of the Act, the Bank has, with effect from 23 August 2011, revoked the Money-Changer Licence granted to ABBEY ROYAL FINANCE LTD, for failure to comply with regulatory requirements. 

The public is accordingly hereby informed that ABBEY ROYAL FINANCE LTD of Coasters Shed B, Port Louis, has ceased to be authorised to carry on the business of money-changer as from 23 August 2011.