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Public Notice: First-Time release of the other Financial Corporations Survey and Financial Corporations Survey

31 July 2023

The Bank of Mauritius (Bank) is starting, effective today, the dissemination on a quarterly basis of the Other Financial Corporations Survey (OFCS) and the Financial Corporations Survey (FCS) for Mauritius. The OFCS is one of the requirements of the IMF Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus), and its dissemination by the Bank therefore increases the readiness of Mauritius to adhere to this highest tier of data dissemination standard.

The OFCS expands the current coverage of monetary and financial statistics to other financial corporations, that is, financial corporations other than the Central Bank, banks and non-bank deposit taking institutions.  The consolidation of the OFCS with the Depository Corporations Survey results into the FCS, which provides a complete monetary and financial statistics framework and contains data for the financial system in Mauritius.

The Bank has worked, and will continue to work, in close collaboration with the Financial Services Commission for the release of the quarterly OFCS.

A dissemination note explaining the framework for the OFCS and FCS can be accessed here.

The sectoral balance sheets of the other financial corporations, as well as the OFCS and FCS can be accessed on the website of the Bank through the following links: