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Public Notice: Counterfeit banknotes

18 May 2018

The Bank of Mauritius (‘Bank’) has the sole right to issue Mauritius currency notes and coins under the Bank of Mauritius Act 2004 (‘the Act’).

In order to protect the integrity of the Mauritius currency notes and to make their counterfeiting more difficult, the Bank has over the years enhanced the security features embedded in the banknotes. The security features may be consulted on the Bank’s website at the following link: Members of the public may also call at the Bank or any bank during working hours to obtain a leaflet on the security features.

In the light of recent complaints regarding the circulation of 2000 rupees counterfeit banknotes in Mauritius, members of the public are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the security features on banknotes. A member of the public who comes into possession of a counterfeit banknote is required to report the matter to the nearest police station.

In terms of the Act, it is an offence to be in possession of counterfeit banknotes. The Act further makes it an offence for any person, other than the Bank, to issue Mauritius currency notes or coins.