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Press Communiqué: Banknotes

6 April 2009, Bank of Mauritius 
It is hereby mentioned for general information that the Bank has been informed that there is actually in circulation banknotes of the current family which have been deliberately cut and pasted with different parts of other banknotes to make another banknote. The length of those cut and pasted banknotes is generally shorter than genuine banknotes.
Members of the public are requested to exercise caution when handling banknotes, which appear to have been tampered with in any manner.
In terms of section 40(2) of the Bank of Mauritius Act 2004, it is an offence, punishable by a fine not exceeding 500,000 rupees, for any person to, without lawful authority or excuse, mutilate, cut, tear or perforate a currency note, or in any way deface a currency note whether in writing, printing, drawing or stamping or by attaching or affixing to it anything in the nature or form of an advertisement.