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Media Release: Mauritius enters the Exit Process from the FATF list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring (The List)

26 June 2021

At its June 2021 Plenary, the FATF has decided that Mauritius warrants an onsite visit further to the fact that necessary measures have been taken to address all the components of its Action Plan. It is important to note that Mauritius has completed its Action Plan well ahead of its due date. 

This achievement has been made possible by strong political commitment at national level, effective coordination and collaboration among supervisory and law-enforcement authorities, the revamping of the legal framework of the country, the set-up of risk-based supervision framework for respective sectors, capacity building for the supervisory authorities, intensive outreach campaigns to educate the supervised entities, capacity to conduct complex money laundering investigations, and the application of a sanctions framework for non-compliance. 

The forthcoming onsite visit is a determining step towards moving Mauritius out of the list and is a positive development for the jurisdiction in its sustained fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing. It enhances confidence and trust in our banking sector and the jurisdiction as an international financial centre.

The Bank of Mauritius remains committed to continuously engage with all stakeholders to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the AML/CFT system.



FATF decision concerning Mauritius:


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