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Invitation for Bids: Consultancy services for the setting up of licensing, regulatory and supervisory framework for Private Credit Information Bureaus and framework for the recognition of External Credit Assessment Institutions

5 October 2009, Bank of Mauritius
The Bank of Mauritius is commissioning a study for the setting up the regulatory framework for the licensing and operations of private credit information bureaus and the framework for recognition of external credit assessment institutions. The Mauritius Credit Information Bureau (MCIB), a public credit bureau wholly owned by the Bank of Mauritius (Bank) and operated from within its premises, is the only credit information bureau presently operating in Mauritius. With a view to better serving the needs of lenders, the Banking Act 2004 was amended by the Finance Act 2008 in July 2008 to allow the licensing of private credit bureaus and the recognition of external credit assessment institutions by the Bank.
In this context, the Bank of Mauritius is inviting proposals for consultancy services for
the setting up of
      (i) the licensing, regulatory and supervisory framework for private credit information bureaus, and
      (ii) the framework for recognition of external credit assessment institutions.
The consultancy service will be funded by the Government of Mauritius from a loan granted by the World Bank under the Mauritius Economic Transition Technical Assistance Project.
Terms of Reference
The Terms of Reference may be downloaded from the Bank of Mauritius website, Alternatively, a request, specifying the name of the applying party, address, contact name, phone and fax numbers, may be made through email addressed to the Bank at
Submissions of Proposals for Consultancy
1. Proposals should briefly include :
     (i) the name, address and profile of the applying party, including academic qualifications;
     (ii) details of experience in similar assignments undertaken previously, including name of clients, location, duration, description of assignments, value of services provided, etc.; and
     (iii) the timeframe for the availability of the Consultant to undertake the consultancy assignment.
     (iv) detailed programme delivery plan, including roles, responsibilities and duration of work for consultant(s); and
     (v) schedule for implementation. 
2. Interested parties should forward their
(i) Technical Proposals
either in two (2) copies bearing reference “Consultancy Services for the Licensing of Private Credit Information Bureaus” to the Chairperson of Tender Committee, Bank of Mauritius, Sir William
Newton Street, Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius
or by email to not later than 12.00 hours (GMT) on 30 October 2009.
Envelopes should be sealed and clearly marked “Technical Proposal”.
(ii) Financial Proposals
in two (2) copies in sealed envelopes clearly marked “Financial Proposal” to the above mentioned address not later than 12.00 hours (GMT) on 30 October 2009.
The Bank reserves the right to accept/reject any or all offers submitted in response to this advertisement without assigning any reason whatsoever.
Bank of Mauritius
Sir William Newton Street
Port Louis
Republic of Mauritius