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Fake articles on high-return investment plans circulated online and via social media

13 December 2019
It has come to the notice of the Bank of Mauritius (Bank) that scammers are using social media to lure people into investing in a scam high-return investment plan. 
These scams, which pretend to have endorsement from public figures, are designed to entice individuals to invest into a ‘cryptocurrency auto-trading program called Bitcoin Era’ and make use of a ‘wealth loop hole that can transform anyone into a millionaire within 3-4 months’. The scam also makes reference to one ‘National Mauritius Bank’.  
The Bank hereby notifies members of the public that the said ‘National Mauritius Bank’ is a fake bank. The Bank invites members of the public not to make any transaction with the said ‘National Mauritius Bank’ or with any person proclaiming to be one of its representatives.
Members of the public are cautioned against such online scams that are also being propagated through social media. The Bank has been informed that the Police is investigating the matter.
A list of financial institutions licensed by the Bank may be consulted on the website of the Bank at the following link
A list of the different types of financial frauds is available on the Bank’s website, under the menu “Financial education”.  Members of the public may call on 202-3800 or send an email on to report any potential scam or financial fraud.