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Consultation Document: Guideline on the issue of Money Market Instruments

18 December 2018

  1. On 18 June 2018, the Bank, pursuant to Section 50 of the Bank of Mauritius Act and Sections 14E and 100 of the Banking Act, issued a guideline on the issue of Commercial Papers.
  2. Subsequently, in the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018, Section 14E of the Banking Act was amended to allow for the issue of money market instruments (MMIs) instead.
  3. Accordingly, the Bank has today published a new draft “Guideline on the issue of money market instruments” (Guideline), for public consultation.
  4. The Guideline governs the issuance of MMIs in Mauritius.  It outlines the minimum requirements that issuers and investors should meet, the general procedures to be followed for MMIs issuance as well as the duties and obligations of all parties involved in the process.
  5. The Bank hereby invites the views and comments of all stakeholders on the draft Guideline, by Monday 31 December 2018. All submissions will be treated as public documents unless it is specifically requested to treat the whole or part of the submission as confidential. Representations should be made in writing, either by letter or email, to:

The Second Deputy Governor
Bank of Mauritius
Sir William Newton Street