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Communiqué: Representations to the Monetary Policy Committee

9 September 2013, Bank of Mauritius

Section 55 of the Bank of Mauritius Act 2004 requires the Monetary PolicyCommittee (MPC) to take into account the views of the Bank, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and such other institution or organisation as it considers appropriate in the discharge of its functions.

The Bank of Mauritius invites any institution or organisation that has any views to be conveyed to the MPC to signify its interest, in writing to the ‘Secretary of the MPC, 8th Floor, Bank of Mauritius Tower, Sir William Newton Street, Port Louis’ or by email to by 13 September 2013.

A note documenting the views expressed should reach the Secretary of the MPC at the abovementioned address at latest by 19 September 2013.