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Communiqué - The Bank of Mauritius joins the Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics

3 February 2010, Bank of Mauritius
The Bank of Mauritius has, on 1 February 2010, been admitted as a full institutional
member of the Irving Fisher Committee (IFC) on Central Bank Statistics.  
IFC endeavours to promote the exchange of views among central bank economists,
statisticians and policy makers as well as others who want to participate in discussing
statistical issues of interest to central banks, including those relating to economic, monetary
and financial stability. In particular, the IFC strives to strengthen the relationship between
compilers of statistics and the community of users and analysts of statistical information,
both in and outside central banks. 
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) provides the Secretariat for the IFC on
central bank statistics. There are currently 66 full institutional members of the IFC.
Mauritius is the second country in the sub-Saharan African region, after South Africa, to be
a full institutional member of the IFC. 
The Bank of Mauritius aims at ensuring access to high quality and timely data
which are so vital for decision-making. In this respect, the Bank has published for the third
consecutive year an Advance Release Calendar which details the release dates of all data
produced by the Bank on its website.  
This full institutional membership of the Bank of Mauritius comes at a time when
our efforts are currently being directed towards improving the coverage and quality of our
data with a view to graduating to the Special Data Dissemination Standards of the
International Monetary Fund.