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Coin Exchange Campaign: Depositing idle coin holdings in bank accounts or exchanging coins for banknotes

6 February 2023

The Bank of Mauritius is inviting members of the public to put back into circulation coins they may have in their possession and which are lying idle.

In the context of this Coin Exchange Programme, the Bank of Mauritius has enlisted the support of all banks in the country. This will enable members of the public to directly deposit their idle coin holdings into their bank accounts or exchange them for banknotes at any branch of any commercial bank.

To ensure the smooth running of the campaign, the cooperation of the public is kindly sought for the separation of coins, denomination-wise, prior to exchanging them at the counters of banks.

The Bank of Mauritius remains committed to improving the quality of banknotes and coins in circulation, maintaining the integrity of the Mauritian currency and providing an adequate supply of banknotes and coins to satisfy the needs of the public.

The Banking and Currency Division of the Bank of Mauritius can be contacted on 2023839 for any additional information or query pertaining to the coin exchange campaign.