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Bank of Mauritius wins MEA Business Award as Leading Financial Institution of the Year 2018 - Africa

23 November 2018

The London-based MEA Markets, a quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publicising major business and economic moves and events across the Middle East and Africa region, has conferred upon the Bank of Mauritius the MEA Business Award as ‘Leading Financial Institution of the Year 2018 – Africa’.

In line with the MEA Business Awards objective to bring recognition and exposure to firms in the vibrant and far-reaching Middle East and Africa business arena who, ‘through their unwillingness to settle for anything less than the absolute best for themselves and their clients are shaping, not only their industries and regions, but the global corporate community’, the accolade given to the Bank of Mauritius pays tribute to the forward-looking stance of the Mauritian central bank on a number of fronts.

MEA Markets, a ‘proudly not a pay-to-play enterprise’, has chosen the Bank for this award following ‘a rigorous and in-depth nomination, voting and judging process, carried out by a network of global industry experts and in-house team.’ Driving the panel is a veteran academic leader with international academic and training experience. ‘Each award nominee is carefully scrutinised and judged on their performance over the past year, their willingness to innovate and even their competition to ensure that only the most deserving’ are named as one of the publication’s prestigious winners.

Reacting to the announcement, Bank of Mauritius Governor Yandraduth Googoolye shared that ‘This MEA Business Award as Leading Financial Institution of the Year 2018 – Africa, the second international recognition won by the Bank this year, translates the pertinence and impact of the policies implemented and decisions taken by the Bank to strengthen and modernise the Mauritian banking industry.’ The Governor dedicated the MEA Business Award ‘to the Board of Directors, to the Deputy Governors and to the staff of the Bank for unflinchingly upholding the principles of good governance and for their commitment to fulfil the mandates of the central bank.’

It will be recalled that, in October 2018, the Bank of Mauritius won the Capital Finance International Award for Best Central Bank Governance – Indian Ocean 2018.