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Bank of Mauritius wins 2018 Global Banking and Finance award as Best Bank Corporate Governance – Mauritius

The Global Banking and Finance Review has confirmed that ‘the Bank of Mauritius is the 2018 Global Banking and Finance Awards winner of the Best Bank for Corporate Governance Mauritius 2018 Award’.


Headquartered in London, the Global Banking and Finance Review is ‘a leading online and print Magazine, which has evolved from the growing need to have a more balanced view, for informative and independent news within the financial community’. Its focus is to provide leading players with up-to-date information within the finance sector. The readership of Global Banking and Finance includes Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’S and senior decision makers within Fortune 500 companies, major banks, financial institutions, central banks and individuals interested in financial markets and news.


In line with the spirit of the Global Banking and Finance Award ‘to reflect the innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes taking place within the global financial community’, the Best Bank for Corporate Governance Mauritius 2018 Award won by the Bank of Mauritius recognizes ‘its expertise and excellence within the financial world’.


According to the Bank of Mauritius Governor, Yandraduth Googoolye, ‘this new award clearly illustrates the great work being done by the Bank and underlines the unwavering focus on good governance at all levels of the organisation. This recognition highlights the steadfastness and vision of the Board of Directors and the strong team spirit that prevails at the level of the Management.” For Governor Googoolye, “winning such a prestigious accolade is testimony to the judiciousness of the Bank’s policies and regulatory stance. It further cements the repute of the Bank of Mauritius as a forward-looking and innovative central bank that is committed to embedding international best practices in its operations and strategies. I thank the Directors of the Board, my Deputy Governors and the staff of the bank for their laudable work and contribution. This award is fully theirs.”


It is to be noted that the Bank of Mauritius has won three international accolades this year. On 17 October 2018, the Bank of Mauritius won the Capital Finance International Award for Best Central Bank Governance – Indian Ocean 2018. On 23 October 2018, the Mauritian central bank received the MEA Business Award as Leading Financial Institution of the Year 2018 – Africa.