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Bank of Mauritius launches new website

The Bank of Mauritius (Bank) is pleased to announce the commissioning and launch of its new website today.  The new website enables visitors to become better acquainted with how the Bank is committed to promoting and maintaining price and financial stability.
The refreshed website provides an improved content and navigation experience for users through a more intuitive, logical and responsive design that adapts to any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone).  Sections pertaining to interest rates, exchange rates and frequently requested data have been arranged for optimal user-friendliness and convenience. 
Ease of access to information is a central element of the Bank’s new website. The requirements of business people, researchers, students and the public at large have been a preeminent feature in the design process.  Thus, a wide range of economic and financial data is available in the Publications and Statistics section where users can also access the various reports published by the Bank. 
A novel feature is access to the archives of the Bank which are being reconstructed in digital format.  The Bank has adopted a phased approach for the scanning and uploading of documents.  The objective is to provide access to publications – including annual reports dating as far back as June 1968 when the Bank released its first Annual Report – and other information of economic, financial and historical importance.
Similarly, the ‘Media’ section, which currently provides access to speeches, media releases, latest statistical releases and pictures of key events linked to the activities of the Bank, will be updated with historical gems pertaining to banking and finance landmark events. 
Customer education also features on the new website. The aim is to enable consumers of banking services to keep pace with the evolution of the banking industry and better protect them against fraud attempts.  In this regard, a ‘Scam Alert’ section has been included to inform the public of phishing and scam attempts reported to the Bank.  The customer education section will be updated regularly.