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Tips for consumers

Keep all personal information, identity cards and bank cards safe at all times.
Keep your PIN numbers secret.  Do not write them down or store them with bank cards.
Never give bank account details or other security information to any person or website unless their identity and authenticity can be verified.
Place your money only at authorized financial institutions.
Never give your money to people who offer to place it with a bank on your behalf for a rate of return higher than the prevailing rate.
Do not allow yourself to be distracted when using your bank card. If you notice something wrong or suspicious with an Automatic (ATM), please report it.
Do not let anyone else use your card.
Be careful when signing any financial contract. Read the small print carefully, and ask for clarifications and advice from independent sources if needed.
Beware of calls, letters, e-mails or faxes asking for your help to place huge sums of money in an overseas bank.
Be suspicious of any job advertised by spam or unsolicited e-mails.  Legitimate companies do not send spam. If the 'job' offered involves handling money - receiving or transferring funds or payments, it could be 'fake check' scam.
Do not reply to spam or unsolicited e-mails that promises you some benefit.
Check monthly credit cards statements and other bank statements carefully for suspicious transactions.