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Tips for employees of financial institutions

Employees of financial institutions may be unknowing victims of or witnesses to financial fraud committed internally.
To avoid becoming a ‘scapegoat’ for financial crimes committed by others:
Beware of any informal work-sharing arrangements with your colleagues. Always think about whether such arrangements conform to established procedures and who is likely to be held responsible if things go wrong.
Frauds are sometimes committed by or with the help of senior staff. If you receive instructions which contradict existing procedures, point it out. If you are coerced into following them, keep a log of the incident and report it.
Do not share your personal information (employee number, username and password) with others. Log off from your computer when not using it.
Always demand to see customers’ identity cards and take time to examine them to make sure you are not dealing with identity theft.
Read all documents carefully before signing, especially if these involve the transfer of money.
Make a note and report any anomalies you may become aware of, for example, dormant accounts suddenly receiving or paying out large sums of money.