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Fake check scams

In the 'fake check' scam (also known as a 'money transfer' scam or a 'mule job'), you are offered 'vacancies' or 'work-from-home opportunities'.  A scammer tries to recruit people to work as 'remote managers' or 'payment processors'. The scammer claims to be a foreign company that needs help to transfer money earned abroad to their own bank. The deal is that you will receive payments in your account and you send the money by Western Union or bank transfer and in return for your trouble, you will receive say, a 5% or 10% commission on each transfer.
The 'payments' that the scammer sends you will typically be forged cheques or other financial instruments. The forgeries are often so good that your bank may not detect them immediately. The cheque will clear and the money will be deposited in your account. You then send the scammer his money, keeping your 10% commission.  A few days later your bank detects the forgery and cancels the deposit. Suddenly, instead of earning a 10% commission, you may have lost hundreds or even thousands of rupees.