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The Bank of Mauritius is required under section 33 of the Bank of Mauritius Act to promote open discussions and comments on its monetary and financial stability policies.

Furthermore, the Bank is, effective July 2019, required to publish at least twice a year (i) a report on its monetary policy; and (ii) a report on financial stability. The reports include a review of price and financial stability, and an assessment of the policies of the Bank in relation thereto, followed during the reference period of the relevant report.

In keeping with the above, the Financial Stability Report will be published twice a year in April (covering period July to December of the previous year ) and October (covering period January to June of that year). The Financial Stability Report reviews international and domestic macro-financial developments and examines potential risks to the stability of the domestic financial system. It highlights measures taken by the Bank of Mauritius and other regulatory authorities to mitigate financial risks and also aims to enhance awareness on the soundness of the Mauritian financial system.