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Security Features 2000

Three dimensional watermark in the form of a dodo: when held up to the light the head of the dodo can be clearly viewed.

Le filigrane à trois dimensions en forme de tête du dodo visible contre la lumière.

See-through in the form of a conch shell: this image completes when viewed against direct light.

Transvision sous forme de conque: la représentation stylisée d'une conque est imprimée au recto et au verso avec des motifs formant un cercle complet lorsqu'ils sont vus contre la lumière.

Windowed security thread reading "Bank of Mauritius": when held up to the light, this can be seen as a continuous band running through the paper. Viewed flat, the metallic area can be seen on the surface of the paper.

Fil "à fenêtre" sur lequel on peut lire "Bank of Mauritius": vu contre la lumière, le fil est continu, vu à plat, il est discontinu.

Latent Image: when viewed at eye level, the image of BM becomes visible.

Image cachée: vue à la hauteur des yeux, les lettres BM sont visibles

Micro-text reading "BM": under a magnifying glass these letters are clear to see.

Texte en miniature: les lettres "BM" deviennent visibles à la loupe

Under ultra-violet light: figures corresponding to the face value of the banknote become apparent.

Eléments fluorescents: sous une lumière ultra-violettte, les chiffres correspondant à la valeur faciale de chaque coupure deviennent visibles.

Hologram containing images of the dodo and the value "2000".

Sur le billet de Rs 2000, un hologramme réunit les images du dodo et de la valeur en chiffres.

Iridescent band in gold: when held under the light, this band visualises and disappears when the viewing angle is changed.

Bande iridescente dorée: vue sous la lumière, cette bande est visible: vue sous d'autres angles, elle disparait.

Engraved portrait in Intanglio ink.

Portrait gravé en creux à l'encre intaille.

1. The upgraded banknote is printed on a polymer material that feels smoother than paper. There is a pattern of raised dots to help the blind and visually impaired to authentic 2. When we hold the banknote up to the light we will see that it has a clear window with the Dodo and the Bank of Mauritius building. This can be seen from the front  3. Beside the clear window is an area that appears as a plain printed red pattern. When held up to the light, it will be seen that the letters ‘Rs’ appear within this feature. 4. The Bank of Mauritius building in the clear window is printed in a gold ink that shimmers as we move the banknote around. 5. If we look at the banknote under UV  light we will see a number of features on the front and the back. 6. If we look at the banknote under magnification, we will see a number of areas that appear as plain print are in fact small letters and numbers.