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Guidance Notes on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism for Financial Institutions (Under Review)

The Guidance Notes set out the broad parameters within which financial institutions should operate in order to ward off money laundering and terrorist financing risks.
The Guidance Notes are currently under review in the light of the recent changes in the legislative landscape with the amendments brought to the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act, the promulgation of the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2018, and the enactment of the United Nations (Financial Prohibitions, Arms Embargo and Travel Ban) Sanctions Act, amongst others.
The provisions of the Guidance Notes will continue to apply in so far as they are not in conflict with the new statutory provisions.  In the event of conflict or inconsistency, the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, as appropriate, will prevail over the Guidance Notes which are currently under review.