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Mr Yandraduth Googoolye, First Deputy Governor

Yandraduth Googoolye is First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius since July 2006. He acted as Governor from 1 January to 13 February 2007 and from 16 February to 20 May 2010, by virtue of the provisions of the Bank of Mauritius Act 2004.

Mr Googoolye joined the Bank of Mauritius in 1985 and has occupied several positions. He was Director-Banking Supervision in 1991 before moving as Director to the Operations Department in 1997. Following a reorganisation of the Department, he became Director-Accounting, Budgeting and Payments System in early 2001. He was the Project Coordinator for the establishment of a Real Time Gross Settlement System for the banking system in Mauritius and was also responsible for the automation of the clearing house.

He has served as a member of the Technical Committee of the Mauritius Offshore Business Activities Authority and of the Board of the National Investment Trust. He was also Secretary to the Technical Committee on Offshore Banking. He was Country Leader for the SADC Payment System Project and member of the SADC Payment System Steering Committee. He was also a member of the Committee of International Payment Experts on the COMESA Payment System Project.

He is a Council Member on the Financial Reporting Council of Mauritius and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Mr Googoolye is the Vice Chairperson of the Financial Services Commission since June 2017.

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